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What is a Forget-Me-Knot?

Sapphire Fairy© Forget-Me-Knots are the ideal combo: g-spot stimulator, vaginal plug, and grinder sex toy.

Forget-Me-Knot toys provide a feeling of constant G-spot pressure and fullness, keeping you aroused. Its grinder tongue stimulates both the labia and clit and pairs well with a vibrator.  The Forget-Me-Knot is a powerful foreplay toy, sexual enhancer, and daywear toy that is unlike anything else out there!

  • Forget-Me-Knots are great for Kegel exercises! 

  • Our uniquely shaped grinder tongue sits gently in your natural folds allowing you to comfortably wear it anytime you want!

  • Insert vaginally and arouse yourself for later or dramatically increase your sexual experience by inserting it prior to sex!

  • No matter how you decide to use it, you will not be disappointed! 

  • Designed by a woman for women with perfect harmony between texture, firmness, size, and depth. You will remember every minute you have it in and miss it every second you don’t.

  • Forget-Me-Knots were designed for fullness and G-Spot stimulation. Please pay close attention to the specifications of each toy.

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