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Sapphire Fairy© Abyss 2.0 (LARGE) Forget-Me-Knot (Clit Grinder, G-Spot Stimulation, & Vaginal Plug).


Teeth didn't form properly. Still fully functional and body safe, just not aesthetically flawless.


💔Over 75% of women can't orgasm from only penetration.

✅Abyss 2.0 (LARGE), is the ideal combo: Clit Grinder, G-Spot Stimulation, & Sea Creature themed Vaginal Plug sex toy.
✅Abyss 2.0 (LARGE) features long grinder teeth for increased stimulation.


✅ Large double knot design is the best for G-Spot stimulation & Kegel strengthening exercises.


✅Abyss 2.0 (LARGE) provides a sense of fullness and constant G-spot pressure, keeping you aroused. The grinder tongue stimulates both the labia and clit and is fabulous with a vibrator! 


✅Use your Abyss 2.0 (LARGE) for day wear to discretely caress your most sensitive parts, even in public!
✅Abyss 2.0's uniquely shaped clit grinder tongue sits gently in your natural folds allowing you to comfortably wear it anytime you want!
✅Put it in vaginally to arouse yourself and dramatically increase your sexual experience!


💥No matter how you decide to use it, you will not be disappointed!💥

Abyss 2.0 (L), Black to Purple, Marble, Med Knot-Soft Tongue **FLOP**

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  • Height: 6.25"/15.88cm

    Widest Diameter: 2.39"/6cm

    Tip of Clit Grinding Tongue to Shaft: 3.75"/9.5cm

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