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"Spore" (Mini) Forget-Me-Knot

(Clit Grinder, G-Spot Stimulation, & Vaginal Plug)


Over 75% of women can't orgasm from only penetration. 


Clit Grinder, G-Spot Stimulation, & fantasy themed Vaginal Plug sex toy to help every woman reach orgasm!
Lots of small grinding points along grinding tongue puts sensation in your hands. This mind blowing to use with a vibrator! 


Bulbous shaft and large head knot design is the sensational for Kegel strengthening exercises.


Stay aroused with the alternating ball design that makes you feel full with constant G-spot pressure. 


Uniquely shaped clit grinder tongue sits comfortably in your natural folds allowing you to discretely caress your most sensitive parts anytime you want, even in public!


💙SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE Put it in vaginally to get aroused & dramatically increase your sexual experience! Ideal for both pros and beginners. Exciting fun for couples. Great gift for your partner.


- Products are individually bagged - then wrapped twice in tissue paper, then put into a plain bubble mailer.  This hides the product's shape to ensure that no one can tell what's inside. 
- Sender is Stephanie Kettermann, instead of Sapphire Fairy.
- Discreet item descriptions are used on delivery forms and labels - e.g. silicone sculpture for international customs.
- Your privacy is of the highest importance. If you have any special requests or privacy concerns - please let us know.

Spore® (Mini)

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