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A small Nameless 2.0 Forget-Me-Knot in Orange and Black colored marble.

Available Patterns

We've got all the patterns to fit your needs and desires. Our marble and fade patterns are carefully designed for optimal color blending. Marble patterns provide a look of sophistication and class, ranging from thick bands to thin, mixed or multiple colored combinations.


For lighter touches, our fades are created specifically to merge one hue into another seamlessly. And for the bolder look, there's the single color and split color patterns – perfect for creating an eye-catching visual contrast. We even have a mixed pattern option to combine all the above. So whatever the desired style, you can be sure we have a pattern that will match your imagination.

Marble: Classified as a mixing of two or more colors in a stacking formation similar to that of the stone it's named after. There can be thick band marbles, thin band marbles, multiple colored marbles, and many other combinations.

  • Fade: Classified when one color merges into another color without a definitive hard seam. Our fades can be two colors or more.

  • Single Color: As the name implies, a single solitary color for the entire two.

  • Split Color: When there are hard definitive lines between the colors. One color ends entirely before the next color begins. 

  • Mixed Pattern: Any combination of the above listed patterns. This is only done by custom request and costs extra due to the extensive time required to pull off.

SeaSwirl, Mini, Forget-Me-Knot Vaginal Plug & Grinder Sex Toy in pink, white, & blue color fade
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