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Discrete Shipping

We discretely ship all of our products in days, not weeks. What does that look like or mean though?

Here at Sapphire Fairy, we understand the need for discreet shipping that gets your products right to your doorstep without anyone being any wiser. That's why we go above and beyond when it comes to packaging! We use plain mailers that easily slip into mailboxes or are left on doorsteps, stamped with no revealing markers. Each of our products is individually bagged and cushioned in two layers of tissue paper with the care card and invoice wrapped neatly around.


Not once do you ever see a Sapphire Fairy logo because we want our customers to be able to enjoy their new toy without worrying about nosy neighbors! So rest assured knowing that when ordering from us, not only can you expect your products to arrive within days of purchase but also without any concerns surrounding discretion.

  • The sender is "Stephanie Kettermann", not Sapphire Fairy to safeguard your privacy. Unless the nosy person also buys toys from us, they won't know it's from us.

  • Our Forget-Me-Knots don't look like sex toys at first glance. Even if someone nosy opens your package and gets to the toy, it looks like a sculpture and isn't labeled as a sex toy.

  • We ship internationally as "Silicone Sculptures", which protects your privacy even more.

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